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Checkup - Space Marine Sargeant Yvette is beginiing to suspect that the Medical AI system has a strange sense of humour.


Concubine - The latest addition to the collection of Imperial Concubines is put through her paces for her lord.


Death do us part

Pussy Lover - Realising that the animal rights movement have been missing out on a source of funds, Sally targets the BDSM community.


Death do us part - Why pay all those legal fees for a divorce and depend on a judge for the alimony when you can have it all?


Demonstration - In the early 19th Century, many doctors believed that the vagina was incapable of feeling plearsure or pain.


Heat - More than a little drunk, party girl Perry bets on how long she can hold a match under various parts of her body. The men dig for cash, the other women look for more matches!


Music Player - My favourite music player. Much more ergonomic and has better input/output ports than those little MP3 players.


Fall of Merlin - Nimue seduces Merlin and traps him forever inside a tree. Nothing like young pussy to defeat old magic.


Pop Up - My favourite men's club has a new variation of the old "Whack a mole" game. You place a bet, and hit the button. The target pops in front of her pussy for a second and if the girl hits it hard enough to turn on the light, she keeps the money. The bigger the bet, the more times in a row she has to hit the target.


Resistance - The Panzer Commander drops into popular Paris whorehouse for a little something special. Yvonne of the French Resistance is ready to give it to him.


Ripper - There have been many theories regarding the fate of the Ripper. It is often overlooked that he was not the only killer roaming the dark streets of Whitechapel, and not all of them were men.


Sabres - Ming Zhu of the Double Sabre Clan meets an odd creature at the site of a meteor fall. Those pesky Aliens get everywhere!

The Rose - Terry presents a rose as a present to her boyfriend for their anniversary.The fun part is trying to pull it out!

  Token - Jenny wakes up with a token of her lover's affection.




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