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Why Verywierd?

I have to confess, Verywierd is a hopeless romantic. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in sadistic sex. As soon as I was old enough to get hold of it, I read/viewed De Sade, The Story of O, and all the usual BDSM fare in the shops and on the Net. But still I was not satisfied. Bondage, submissives, masochists, slaves, all have one thing in common. The women are always rendered helpless or are "broken" before the action starts. For me, this spoiled the whole thing.

Most men (and many women) admire and lust after the beautiful models and actresses in the glossy magazines, TV and the movies. But what makes them so attractive? To me it is the poise, the elegance and the thought that there is a real, intelligent and strong willed person behind the image. Therefore, breaking or subjugating the woman would seem to defeat the purpose of sexual torture.

What could be more spine tingling than having a beautiful woman tell you that not only will she let you abuse her body, but that she will do everything within her ability to help you achieve that purpose.

Verywierd does not hate women, nor do his (yes, I am a man) female characters hate themselves.

So, here you will not find "safe, sane, consensual" BDSM style sex, nor leather and rarely any chains or ropes except where they fit the plot.

My work does not comfortably fit the conventional categories. It is just that little bit more weird. In fact, it is Verywierd.

One last thing. Verywierd is my pen name and is spelt the way it is deliberately.





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