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Fun in the sun - Who needs fancy bordellos when you can get some good hearty country fare like this!


Escape - The best slaves are ones with spirit. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to hatch escape plans. Here we have the latest unsuccessful runner. Oh well, back to the drawing board!


Gameshow - Finally, a gameshow for the S&M community. In " $&M " contestants bid cane strokes for prizes. The game is a test of both intelligence and nerve. Answer correctly and you get BIG MONEY!!. Answer incorrectly and ...THE CANE!! Double your money by opting for breast or pussy strokes!!


Archeology - ' This archeology thing is harder than I thought ' she muttered to herself as she stumbled into another deadly trap.


Barbarian Conquest - After a hard day of pillaging and raping, its good to get home for some ... er, more pillaging and raping!


The Summoning - What red blooded demon could resist the summons of this Sorceress?


Piazza - Ah, the wonders of Ancient Rome!


Droid - An Interrogation Droid's work is never done.


Devotion - The new slave of the Empire must bow in submission over the branding machine. The touch of her forehead on the oval shaped mind scan records the details of her genetic makeup which are branded across her breasts (in fine print).


Assault - In an alley somewhere in the city ...


The Look - The Witchfinder General has finally captured the witch, or has he?


The Blade - Practice makes perfect


Naked Steel - Purity and strength.





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