Harem 2


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Poise - Physical fitness is nothing without grace and deportment. Here you see a Harem member being tortu...er...taught the basics. We find that a whip is much more effective than balancing a book on the head.

  Bodywork - One of the Harem chauffeurs. She is also good at providing a little sadistic entertainment when the car is not moving.

Steel Maiden


Finishing School

Steel Maiden - A Harem Guard. Raised from childhood as a warrior she fights fiercely to defend to Harem. Now all she needs is some company for the night ... if you can get past her blade.   Finishing School - Ever wonder why riding crops and finishing schools always seem to go together? The Harem's exclusive school for well trained young ladies shows you the answer.



Service - Happy hour at the Harem Club. A nice bottle of Port and a lovely view.   Crystal Chains  - Some women choose to enter the Harem of their own free will. The crystal chain logo symbolises their ability to shatter their bondage at any time.

The Slide

The Slide - The Harem's version of extreme  sports. Slide too fast and risk hitting the blade; sliding too slow earns a singed pussy.    




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