Harem 1


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Tour Guide - The Harem has a unique and very popular museum of bondage and sexual torture devices. Here we see Tour Guide Stacy pointing out some items of interest. Stacy is full of fascinating tales and is always happy to provide a live demonstration upon request.


Lash Dance - A Harem slave performs the dangerous Lash Dance in which rhythm is marked by whip lashes while she dances between razor sharp blades and red hot braziers. Don't try this at home.


Spin - A harem slave is trained to maintain her poise under all conditions. If she fails to keep the pendulum centered, the electrical circuit breaks and the wheel spins faster.


Feel the Burn - The Harem has a state of the art Gym. The equipment is designed to provide motivation as well as exercise. If she stops pumping the flame rises!


The Horse - A slave 'rides' the Horse for an hour to demonstrate her self- discipline. The ropes help her balance and remove the temptation to rest on her hands.


The Claw - A very 'pointed' test of nerve for this member of the Harem.


Oasis - Even a good slave needs to be tested now and then.


The Chair - In the Harem, there are times when a chair is definitely not for sitting.


Purity - Bath time in the Harem.


Slave Raid - The Caliph's slave raiders strike again. New blood for the Harem!


Discipline - Laura and Isabel demonstrate their devotion and self control.



Fresh from the waters of the Rhine is Elsa. When asked to take her hand away, she said "Make me!". A real challenge.


Meet Laura, the second girl to join my collection. An exotic mixture of Chinese and Russian blood, she is both fire and ice.


Isabel welcomes you to the Harem. Able to give as well as take discipline, Isabel is the Head Girl of my Harem.








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