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Come play with me - An offer you can't refuse!


Interview - The interviews for the CEO's new secretary are in full swing!


The Playroom - What keeps the Space Marines in fighting trim? An invitation to visit the Playroom! Imperial Navy Command denies rumours that all the girls are actually Replicants.


Elixir - The ancient Taoist alchemists told us that the orgasmic fluids of a young woman prolong life and youthfullness. In the 22nd Century technology is finally able to detect and utilise this vital force.


Buddica - Britain 61AD: Queen Buddica of the Iceni declares war after being whipped by the Romans under Gaius Suetonius Paulinus.


Skinnydipping - A girl can't even take a little swim without unwanted company!


Witchcraft - Look Honey, I'm sorry that I forgot your birthday again ....Urk!


The Mirror - Working out in front of a mirror helps develop good posture!


Desert Gold - In the desert, the yellow metal is not the only gold that men (and women) lust for!


Igniting The Sun - The people of the Northlands perform the annual ritual to rekindle the fires of the sun. A maiden volunteers to undergo a ceremony of purification.


Atlantean Ritual - Her body glistening with the sacred oils, the High Priestess prepares to enact the awesome monthly ceremony that mates the people of Atlantis with the Gods of the Sea. Only one possessing the powers of a true High Priestess can hope to perform the deadly ritual and survive to repeat the mating with the coming of the next full moon. It is said that should the bloodline of the priestesses fail, the seas will rise to claim Atlantis and her people. Let us hope that this never happens.


Firetrial - In the high mountains, where warmth is life, the Spirits of Fire mate with a Chosen priestess (virgin, naturally) in order to renew their covenant with the People. This is not an act of cremation, but a demonstration of the devotion of the Priestess to the Flame.



The Little Woman - You think that you have problems with your sex life? Well, have a look at this odd couple!


An early attempt, technique still crude, but a fun pic anyway!




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